OIL2 Class Standard.AnnounceServices Table of Contents

OIL2 Class Standard.AnnounceServices

class Standard . AnnounceServices {
        oid     registry;
        assoc   serviceTable;
        set     subscriptions;
inherits from Object;


Many service providers register themselves as well-known services. Usually, these are declared to be local to the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment in which the object resides; however, it is possible to declare a service as being public. The AnnounceServices class implements a facility that will automatically export registrations of such public services to other FARGOS/VISTA peers. It depends on the PeerRegistry service to operate; if a PeerRegistry object has not be created, the AnnounceServices object will automatically delete itself.




Method Description

Takes no arguments.


AnnounceServices:subscribeToRegistrations(oid client, optional any servName, optional int32 dumpCurrent)

Method Description

Add notifications when new services are imported.


AnnounceServices:unsubscribeToRegistrations(oid client, optional any servName)

Method Description

Inverse of subscribeToRegistrations.

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