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OIL2 Class Standard.ExecProcess

class Standard . ExecProcess {
        oid     clientObj;
        any     extraInfo;
        int32   initSteps;
        oid     lObj;
        any     pid;
        int32   stdDescCount;
        array   stdDescriptors;
inherits from Object;


The ExecProcess class interfaces with the ExecProcess service, which is normally implemented by an optional external process. For security reasons, standard FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment daemons do not have the ability to directly spawn new processes. Regardless of the native implementation of this facility, ExecProcess provides a uniform and standard interface to such capabilities.



ExecProcess:create(oid notifyObj, array args, optional assoc env, optional any use_hostname, optional any remoteExecService)

Method Description

The create method takes the following arguments:

When a new process is started, the client object is sent a processStarted message, which passes a single argument representing the process Id of the new process. When the process terminated, the client object is sent a processTerminated message and passed the process Id and exit status of the process.


ExecProcess:getDescriptor(int32 fd)

Method Description

The getDescriptor method returns the object Id of the IOobject representing one of the I/O channels between the FARGOS/VISTA OME daemon and the new process. It takes a single argument, whose value can be: