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OIL2 Class Standard.HTTPrawCachedFile

class Standard . HTTPrawCachedFile {
inherits from HTTPcachedObject;


The HTTPrawCachedFile class implements the standard means for retrieving and caching a file that is to be provided via a URLdirectory. It differs from HTTPcachedFile in that absolutely no processing is performed on the file's data.



HTTPrawCachedFile:create(oid urlDir, array uriInfo, assoc cgiEnv, assoc fileData, optional string impliedName, optional string fullName)

Method Description

The create method takes a minimum of 4 arguments.

The fifth and any additional arguments are strings. Each represents a name under which the cached object will be registered with the URLdirectory by some external entity.


A HTTPcachedFile object does not actually register itself with the URLdirectory. This must be performed by the application that creates the HTTPcachedFile object. This provides the opportunity to control when a cached object becomes visible. The names are recorded so that when the HTTPcachedFile object is deleted, the appropriate entries can be unregistered with the URLdirectory.