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OIL2 Class Standard.LoadOIL2File

class Standard . LoadOIL2File {
        int32   loadResult;
inherits from Object;


The LoadOIL2File class implements the standard interface to the OIL2 Architecture Neutral Format dynamic loader of the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment. Native object code can loaded using a LoadObjectFile object.



LoadOIL2File:create(string fileNameOrData, optional int32 stayAround)

Method Description

The create method takes two possible arguments:

An OIL2 Architecture Neutral Format object file can be provided in its entirety. A convenient way to ship class implementations to peer systems is to create a LoadOIL2File object on the remote peer and provide the contents of the OIL2 ANF file as the first argument. The string passed as fileNameOrData is recognized as an OIL2 Architecture Neutral Format object code file based on the presence of the magic number that begins every OIL2 ANF file.

If the string is not an OIL2 ANF object code file, it is treated as a transport address which should be passed to an IOobject. The fileNameOrData argument can use any stream-oriented transport recognized by class IOobject. This permits a file to be retrieved using using any supported transport mechanism, such as TCP. If no transport scheme is specified, it is assumed to be "file:" and a suitably modified address is provided to IOobject to open the file for read only. If a "file:" transport scheme was specified but the passed argument neglected to provided the ",r" read-only open option, it is added.



Method Description

Returns an integer result indicating the status of the dynamic load operation.