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OIL2 Class Standard.MakeOIL2ANFprofile

class Standard . MakeOIL2ANFprofile {
inherits from Object;


The class MakeOIL2ANFprofile is a utility application used to generate the file $VISTA_ROOT/oil2anf/anfClasses.profile, which is a ParseParameterFile file that is used by the ClassLocator service to identify the class implementations provided by locally available Object Implementation Language 2 (OIL2) Architecture Neutral Format object files.

This utility is typically used as an off-line program invoked by a FARGOS/VISTA rc file such as:

LoadOIL2File "file:$VISTA_ROOT/oil2anf/clMakeANFlist.o2o"



MakeOIL2ANFprofile:create(optional string ANFdir, optional string ANFprofile)

Method Description

The create method takes two optional arguments.

The object automatically deletes itself after the profile has been generated.