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OIL2 Class Standard.ShutdownService

class Standard . ShutdownService {
        set     shutdownList;
        oid     shutdownObj;
inherits from Object;


Class ShutdownService provides a facility by which objects residing within an FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment can be notified of an impending system shutdown. One and only one object of this class will be instantiated within a given address space. This creation is done automatically by the boot process of a FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment daemon.

The object Id is registered as the local service "ShutdownService", which is implicitly defined by the constant SHUTDOWN_SERVICE_NAME in the standard OIL2 header file OMEcore.o2h.



ShutdownService:addNotifyOnShutdown(oid obj)

Method Description

The addNotifyOnShutdown method requests that the object identified by the obj argument be sent a systemShutdown message whenever an orderly shutdown of the system has been requested. No arguments are provided to the systemShutdown message and no return value is expected.

Return Value

This method returns no value.


ShutdownService:removeNotifyOnShutdown(oid obj)

Method Description

The removeNotifyOnShutdown method is the inverse of addNotifyOnShutdown and removes a prior notification registration.

Return Value

This method returns no value.

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