OIL2 Class Standard.VirtualConsole Table of Contents

OIL2 Class Standard.VirtualConsole

class Standard . VirtualConsole {
        any     backgroundTextColor;
        int32   currentPage;
        int32   firstPage;
        any     foregroundTextColor;
        int32   maxPages;
        array   outputData;
        string  serviceName;
        oid     serviceOID;
        set     subscribers;
        any     textFont;
inherits from Object;


When a FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment is used as a script interpreter to run a single application, output written to standard output can be quite useful. When used in a far more common mode as a disconnected daemon simultaneously hosting multiple applications, the utility of standard output falls dramatically. When the transparently distributed nature of the environment is also taken into account, the usefulness of writing output to standard output falls ever further. The VirtualConsole enables a significant amount of useful function, such as:

The contents of a VirtualConsole can be displayed on none, one or many physical displays or manipulated using output filters.



VirtualConsole:create(optional string consoleId)

Method Description

Create a virtual console. If consoleId is not specified, the console will be anonymous.


VirtualConsole:appendText(any text)

Method Description

Append inline textual data.



Method Description

Note start of new logical page. Redundant requests are ignored.

Return Value

Returns current page number.



Method Description

Returns an associative array describing the console.


VirtualConsole:getPageData(optional int32 pageNum, optional int32 filterBy)

Method Description

Get drawing commands for a logical page.


VirtualConsole:subscribeToUpdates(oid client)

Method Description

Request notifications of updates.

Return Value

Always returns 0.


VirtualConsole:unsubscribeToUpdates(oid client)

Method Description

Remove a subscription previously requested by subscribeToUpdates.

Return Value

Always returns 0.

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