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OIL2 Class Standard.ConnectToPeer

class Standard . ConnectToPeer {
        oid     connObj;
        int32   interval;
        string  myDomain;
        string  secret;
inherits from Object;


The ConnectToPeer class implements a service that attempts to establish and maintain an inter-daemon communication link to another FARGOS/VISTA-based component.



ConnectToPeer:create(string peerName, optional int32 retryInterval, optional string domainName, optional string localSecret)

Method Description

The peerName argument specifies the address of the remote peer. It is provided to an EstablishConnection object, which in turn performs the actual connection attempts. The second argument, retryInterval is optional and specifies the interval in seconds between connection establishment attempts. If it is specified as 0, only a single attempt is made.


ConnectToPeer:connectionEstablished(oid obj)

Method Description

When a new connection is successfully established by the associated EstablishConnection object, it sends a connectionEstablished message and provides the object Id of the IOobject that represents the new connection. The ConnectToPeer object will create a NegotiatePeerConnection object and pass the object Id of the IOobject.