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OIL2 Class Standard.NegotiatePeerConnection

class Standard . NegotiatePeerConnection {
        string  VISTAdomainName;
        oid     bfrObj;
        any     decryptCipher;
        any     encryptCipher;
        oid     ioObj;
        oid     notifyWhenDeleted;
        oid     peerObj;
inherits from Object;


The NegotiatePeerConnection class is responsible for the negotiation of key parameters during the initialization of an interprocess communications link between two FARGOS/VISTA-based components. Objects of this class are normally only created by AcceptPeerConnections and ConnectToPeer objects. In turn, each NegotiatePeerConnection object creates a PeerConnection object that acts as a gateway to the remote peer.

Security Notes

All communications between two FARGOS/VISTA peers are encrypted. By default, the algorithm used is the NIST selection for the Advanced Encryption Standard, Rijndael. A 128-bit session key is randomly generated for each outgoing link, thus a different random key is used to decrypt incoming messages. The random session key is exchanged using a public key exchange based on elliptical curves, so no data is ever transmitted in the clear.



NegotiatePeerConnection:create(oid streamObj, optional string domainName, optional string localSecret, optional any notifyClient)

Method Description

The create method takes a single argument that is the object Id of an IOobject (or allomorphic equivalent) that represents a bi-directional stream connected to a remote peer.