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OIL2 Class Standard.WebDAVfacility

class Standard . WebDAVfacility {
        string  pageName;
        string  rootDir;
        string  serverName;
        oid     urlDirectory;
inherits from WebDAVcollection;


Level 1 and Level 2 WebDAV extensions (see RFC 2518) can be registered with the HTTPdaemon by creating a WebDAVfacility object. One WebDAVfacility object should be created for each logical tree root that needs WebDAV support. It is permitted to create a single WebDAVfacility object associated with the logical root "/", which thus takes over responsibility for the entire name space exported by the URLdirectory; however, it invariably a much better idea to use a separate logical name space to enable restricted access to unprocessed source files and easier administration of access control.



WebDAVfacility:create(string webDAVprofileName, string servName, string rootPage, any pwDBfile)

Method Description

See the description of initialize.


WebDAVfacility:initialize(string webDAVprofileName, string servName, string rootPage, any pwDBfile)

Method Description

The webDAVprofileName specifies the file name of a ParseParameterFile profile. The optional servName parameter specifies the logical name of the web site which is used to locate the corresponding URLdirectory. object. If not specified, the server name is obtained from the serverName key in the profile specified by webDAVprofileName. The root of the logical tree is specified by the optional rootPage argument. If not specified, the logical name is obtained from the collectionRoot key in the profile. The file name of access control database can be provided by the optional argument pwDBfile. If not specified, the file name is obtained from the passwordFile key in the profile.

A WebDAVcollection object is created and registered with the specified logical root name so as to provide access to the physical file system rooted at the directory specified by the directoryRoot key in the profile.