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OIL2 Class Standard.WebDAVcollection

class Standard . WebDAVcollection {
        oid     accessChecker;
        set     childObjects;
        int32   createdAccessObj;
        int32   firstMKcol;
        int32   localExpireTime;
        string  pageName;
        oid     profileObj;
        int32   resultCode;
        string  resultMess;
        string  resultResponse;
        string  resultText;
        string  rootDir;
        oid     urlDirectory;
        int32   validFlag;
inherits from WebDAVresource, URLfileLoader;


Collections of multiple WebDAV-enabled resources (see WebDAVresource) are implemented by WebDAVcollection objects. A WebDAVcollection typically holds WebDAVfile or additional WebDAVcollection objects.



WebDAVcollection:initialize(any servNameOrObj, oid parent, string page, string dirName, any pwDBfile, any createNow)

Method Description

The argument servNameOrObj indicates the URLdirectory object associated with the web server. It can be specified as an object Id or logical server name. The parent argument specifies the WebDAVcollection object that is the immediate parent of this object. The logical name of the directory tree is specified as page. The absolute path name of the corresponding directory must be specified as dirName. The pwDBfile argument indicates an access control object. It can be either an object Id or the file name of a password database. The optional flag createNow can be set to 1 to attempt to create a new collection.


WebDAVcollection:childAdded(oid child)

Method Description

Records the registeration of a new child of the collection.

Return Value

This method does not return a value.


WebDAVcollection:childRemoved(oid child)

Method Description

Records the removal of an existing child of the collection.

Return Value

This method does not return a value.


WebDAVcollection:setAccessValidator(oid obj)

Method Description

See HTTPcachedObject:setAccessValidator.


WebDAVcollection:loadFile(array uriInfo, assoc substVars, any requestOp)

Method Description

See URLfileLoader:loadFile.