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OIL2 Class Standard.WebDAVfile

class Standard . WebDAVfile {
        oid     accessChecker;
        int32   createdAccessObj;
        string  pageName;
        string  sourceFileName;
        oid     urlDirectory;
inherits from HTTPcachedObject, WebDAVresource;


Access and manipulation of files via WebDAV is implemented by WebDAVfile objects.



WebDAVfile:create(any servNameOrObj, any parent, string page, string fileName, any pwDBfile)

Method Description

See initLikeHTTP (when created as an HTTPcachedObject) or initialize.


WebDAVfile:initLikeHTTP(oid urlDir, array uriInfo, assoc cgiEnv, assoc fileData, string impliedName, string fullName)

Method Description

This method is intentionally allomorphic to HTTPcachedFile:create, which should be reviewed for the corresponding documentation.


WebDAVfile:initialize(any servNameOrObj, oid parent, string page, string fileName, any pwDBfile)

Method Description

The argument servNameOrObj indicates the URLdirectory object associated with the web server. It can be specified as an object Id or logical server name. The parent argument specifies the WebDAVcollection object that is the immediate parent of this object. The absolute file name of the corresponding file must be specified as fileName. The pwDBfile argument indicates an access control object. It can be either an object Id or the file name of a password database to be accessed via an URLprotectedFile object.


WebDAVfile:setAccessValidator(oid obj)

Method Description

The setAccessValidator method is used to protect access to a cached document. The single argument to this method specifies a URLprotectedFile or equivalent object that maintains the relevant password database that controls access to this object.

Return Value

Returns the value returned from HTTPcachedObject:setAccessValidator.