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FARGOS Development, LLC has several product offerings targeted for different audiences and performs custom development.


FARGOS/VISTA™ is the name of the unique technology upon which most of FARGOS Development's offerings are based. Some of the history and the meaning of the FARGOS/VISTA acronym are described here.

FARGOS/VISTA provides a transparently distributed, high-performance, multi-threaded, architecture-neutral, object-oriented, peer-to-peer environment that runs on a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. FARGOS/VISTA is a technology used by programmers to easily build and maintain complex distributed systems that run non-stop in a global environment. If you need to build distributed applications, this is definitely something you should use.

With FARGOS/VISTA, novice programmers can achieve results that would otherwise be beyond their capabilities; advanced programmers can reduce their development time by a typical factor of 6 to 10.

The FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment contains a robust, built-in HTTP server. One of the applications integrated with the HTTP server is an object browser. A live demonstration via the www.fargos.net web site can be started by clicking here.


If the reliability of your web site is an issue for you, consider deploying FARGOS/SolidState™. FARGOS/SolidState lets you increase the resiliency of your web site by implementing Byzantine fault-tolerance. If you have at least four physical servers, FARGOS/SolidState can protect you against not only a failed server, but also corrupted data caused by bad memory/disk drives or the compromise of a server by a hostile third party (because it provides Byzantine fault-tolerance).


Some of our core technologies (such as shared memory variables or high-performance multi-threaded logging support) are bundled with the FARGOS/VISTA Object Management Environment while other utilities are made available for free as distinct items from the downloads page.


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