About the Design of this Site

The design goals for this site include the following:

Design Goal Means by which Achieved
Fast-loading for visitors with slow dial-up links. Minimal use of graphics; consistent usage to enable locally cached copy to be used.
Scalable to arbitrary window sizes, from an 80-column VT100 terminal to a fully expanded browser on a 1600x1200-pixel monitor. Other than hints on image sizes (to increase the speed of initial page rendering), no specification of absolute sizes. The maximum use is always made of available screen real estate.
Accessible via a wide variety of browsers, including text-only browsers such as Lynx and text-to-speech applications. Use of cascading style sheets for all visual effects other than bold and italics, which are still used in order to retain standard, critical visual emphasis when viewed by browsers that do not correctly support stylesheets. All information content is presented as text; where images are used for the sake of appearance, text descriptions are also provided. Client-side scripting capabilities are not assumed.
Distributable not only via HTTP sessions with www.fargos.net, but also as files that can be read straight from a local CD-ROM or hard disk. All links are relative except where infeasible; server-side-include support is not assumed.