Consulting Services

FARGOS Development takes on assignments to design and implement custom software systems. The breadth and depth of experience held by our personnel, coupled with academic and industrial Research and Development backgrounds, enables us to invent, implement and deploy systems that would be beyond the abilities of many software firms.

We are committed to the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice developed by the ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Task Force on Software Engineering Ethics and Professional Practices. Unfortunately, some clients have found sections of the code troublesome:

The needs of the disabled are frequently overlooked by those who seek to impose their individual tastes on everyone.
2.06, 2.07, 3.03, 3.12
Documentation of the unpleasant ramifications of a requested/demanded feature are often unwelcome.
Short-sighted designs that function in a small test environment often fail spectacularly when faced with real-world situations, especially if the application is found to be useful and gains a significant population of users.
Some individuals are resistant to any education.

To reduce potential friction, we request new clients to recognize the importance we place in the code of ethics.