Policy on Staff Web Pages

The content of a web page authored by a FARGOS Development, LLC staff member reflects the opinion of the individual. If the company, as legal entity, had an opinion, it might be aligned with 0, 1 or more statements made by a staff member; however, the managing members of the LLC operate under the hypothesis that humans have opinions and Articles of Organization are silent pieces of paper.

Staff-authored web pages are intended to provide potentially useful or interesting information. While positive, personally-identifiable comments are permitted on firm-hosted pages, negative comments about work product that can be attributed to specific living individuals are to be avoided. An opinion such as "The Chevrolet Chevette was an ugly, poor-quality car" is permitted to be expressed as the responsible individuals are not readily identifiable; however, a comment like "member M of music group G is my least favorite" should not be published. Although it would not be a particularly harsh comment, the possible pain and self-doubt that could be inflicted if the assertion was read by the hypothetical member M must be avoided.

Opinions similar to "member M1 of music group G is my favorite", where group G consists of 2 members, will be tolerated despite the appearance of it being a grey area. While it could be inferred that member M2 was the least favorite, that would not have been the intent of the hypothetical statement. It would not be reasonable to expect every member to be appreciated equally by every person. Expressing a complimentary opinion of one public figure is the not the equivalent of cyber-bullying their associates.